Monday, 22 October 2012

Printing Wedding Invitation Cards

Most tech-savvy youngsters of today look forward to announcing their marriage in style. Present day wedding invitations have become very informal, lively and always carry a special surprise element. A best conceived and printed wedding invites invariably set the right tone for the marriage. The theme based invites just gives a peep into the grandeur of wedding.

It is heartening to note that traditional wedding invites to continue to get circulated among the relatives especially among the elders. Such traditional invites carry the symbol and holy verses belong to the religion of the couple.

Present day couples who are entering wedlock desire the marriage invitations to reflect their individuality while setting the right tone for the marriage. The invitations while expressing warmth and hospitality also create an indelible impression in the mind of the invited guest.

More importance is given to the paper or other material used for printing the invite. Current day cards are not confined to the old twofold or four-fold formats or the square or rectangular shapes. Apart from the papers available with assorted textures and color the linen and cotton cloth are also used for printing the invite.

The actual printings of invitation cards offer a range of printing options. It is no more confined to only the offset type printing. The engraving option gives an upcoming look to the letters of your invite and makes you believe that the printed letters speak. The embossed invitations use thin metallic sheets to get embossed over the paper. The thermograph option looks similar to engraving but uses a different technique. The costliest invitation printing uses letterpress, which needs a special paper and ink. The spending capability of the couple often decides the choice of wedding invite.

If you plan for a theme wedding and have chosen a color and logo for the theme, then the wedding card should reflect the theme. The choice of right paper, color, ink, and printing quality should get along with the preferred theme. If anyone among the couple or both of them employed in a foreign country, it is always preferable to have a design idea that goes well with the locals.

Take adequate care about the use of words in the invite. It is preferable not to use any negative words or funny words that may give a controversial meaning.

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