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Arranging a Theme-based Wedding

Indian marriages are no more confined to marriage halls or temples.  Current day brides and grooms consider their marriage as very special and look forward to celebrating it in a most fitting and novel way. The wedding couple does not hesitate to try various marriage ideas and themes. The theme-based wedding is altogether a new idea, based on western marriage concepts. It is fast gaining acceptance and momentum among the marriage aspirants in India.
The theme-based wedding while continue to have all the ingredients of a traditional marriage, it adds colour and value to the marriage to make it more vibrant. It is becoming popular even among the conservative elders because it continues to keep the orthodox values intact. It provides a different and pleasant type of marriage experience to the participating relatives and friends.
Some of the popular themes used for theme based wedding include royal wedding theme, fairy story theme, fiction or illusion based theme, romantic theme, and colour based theme. If you choose dark red and golden colours as colour theme, then every marriage arrangement such as the decoration, flowers, and invitation cards will bear the identical theme colour. The wedding planner who offers theme wedding will even ask their staff at the marriage hall to wear the same theme colour as uniform.
Similarly, for the families who consider the bride as one who brings illumination to their house, then ‘Lighting’ will become the thematic concept. To go beyond the theme traditional lamps will be kept light up at all the places of the marriage hall. Even the wedding invite will have the lamp in design. If the family considers the arrival of the bride to the arrival of the goddess Mahalaxmi to the family, then lotus flower the symbol of the goddess Lakshmi will be used in all the decorations.
Points to remember in choosing a theme
  • It is advisable to choose a wedding theme after doing a thorough research. Always choose a theme that fit the tastes of the bride, groom and their families. Better choose a theme that falls within your budget.
  • Discuss the theme atmosphere with your family, especially with the elders to make sure that it will not hinder the religious rituals. Furthermore, make sure that the theme is comfortable for the kids who attend the marriage.
  • Always choose a theme that can accommodate both pre-wedding and post-wedding requirements and the reception.
  • Settle for a theme that looks natural and not offering a kind protruding unnatural look.
  • If you hire a wedding planner, it is advisable to discuss your mind and take the expert guidance of the planner in choosing the wedding theme.
  • Do not forget to find out the functional feasibility of the chosen theme at the hall or location arranged for the wedding. If more open space is available at the locatio, then the theme arrangements also need to cover such open space with lighting as well as decorative material. Such an arrangement will naturally increase the allocated budget.
  • Never attempt a wedding theme half-heartedly and confine it to the wedding hall only. Have it introduced at all the places of the wedding location uniformly.
  • Choosing a flower theme is a convenient choice. The flowers such as gerberas, marigold, carnations, orchids, jasmine, rose, etc., offer a range of arrangement options. Use of flowers as a theme will give an authentic feel for an unconventional theme.
While most of the to be married  opt to celebrate a theme-based wedding in a hall some of the adventurous type among them  even try to experiment and have their marriage at exotic locations. Such ideas include forest marriage, hill-top marriage, sea front marriage and marriage even in the deep-sea.

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