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Arranging a Theme-based Wedding

Indian marriages are no more confined to marriage halls or temples.  Current day brides and grooms consider their marriage as very special and look forward to celebrating it in a most fitting and novel way. The wedding couple does not hesitate to try various marriage ideas and themes. The theme-based wedding is altogether a new idea, based on western marriage concepts. It is fast gaining acceptance and momentum among the marriage aspirants in India.
The theme-based wedding while continue to have all the ingredients of a traditional marriage, it adds colour and value to the marriage to make it more vibrant. It is becoming popular even among the conservative elders because it continues to keep the orthodox values intact. It provides a different and pleasant type of marriage experience to the participating relatives and friends.
Some of the popular themes used for theme based wedding include royal wedding theme, fairy story theme, fiction or illusion based theme, romantic theme, and colour based theme. If you choose dark red and golden colours as colour theme, then every marriage arrangement such as the decoration, flowers, and invitation cards will bear the identical theme colour. The wedding planner who offers theme wedding will even ask their staff at the marriage hall to wear the same theme colour as uniform.
Similarly, for the families who consider the bride as one who brings illumination to their house, then ‘Lighting’ will become the thematic concept. To go beyond the theme traditional lamps will be kept light up at all the places of the marriage hall. Even the wedding invite will have the lamp in design. If the family considers the arrival of the bride to the arrival of the goddess Mahalaxmi to the family, then lotus flower the symbol of the goddess Lakshmi will be used in all the decorations.
Points to remember in choosing a theme
  • It is advisable to choose a wedding theme after doing a thorough research. Always choose a theme that fit the tastes of the bride, groom and their families. Better choose a theme that falls within your budget.
  • Discuss the theme atmosphere with your family, especially with the elders to make sure that it will not hinder the religious rituals. Furthermore, make sure that the theme is comfortable for the kids who attend the marriage.
  • Always choose a theme that can accommodate both pre-wedding and post-wedding requirements and the reception.
  • Settle for a theme that looks natural and not offering a kind protruding unnatural look.
  • If you hire a wedding planner, it is advisable to discuss your mind and take the expert guidance of the planner in choosing the wedding theme.
  • Do not forget to find out the functional feasibility of the chosen theme at the hall or location arranged for the wedding. If more open space is available at the locatio, then the theme arrangements also need to cover such open space with lighting as well as decorative material. Such an arrangement will naturally increase the allocated budget.
  • Never attempt a wedding theme half-heartedly and confine it to the wedding hall only. Have it introduced at all the places of the wedding location uniformly.
  • Choosing a flower theme is a convenient choice. The flowers such as gerberas, marigold, carnations, orchids, jasmine, rose, etc., offer a range of arrangement options. Use of flowers as a theme will give an authentic feel for an unconventional theme.
While most of the to be married  opt to celebrate a theme-based wedding in a hall some of the adventurous type among them  even try to experiment and have their marriage at exotic locations. Such ideas include forest marriage, hill-top marriage, sea front marriage and marriage even in the deep-sea.

The Changing Face of Wedding Invites

Wedding is one event that introduces a lasting relationship to two people and their two families. It is one among the most revered religious and cultural event in India that brings in large participation of relatives and friends.
Wedding invites announcing the wedding are used to invite the relatives and friends seeking their participation in the wedding. The invite cards were traditionally extended to the relatives and friends personally by the bride and groom’s parent. Such invitation cards merely gave information such as  on who marries whom and the name of the parents. Some of them even went to a step further and included the names of close relatives in the card. Such wedding cards did not offer much room for innovation and change.
Present day invitation cards have become trendier, informal, and lively and are designed to carry a surprise element. The younger generation is looking for something beyond the conventional invite. They are looking for small changes that can make a big impact. The families of the wedding couple are opting for card a design that gives the guests a glance into the grandeur of the planned wedding. The conventional invitations are continued to be printed for distribution among the close relatives.
The marriage arrangements are also undergoing changes. More number of wedding couples now opt for theme wedding by adding some imaginative element to the otherwise normal wedding. Such introduction of theme adds luster to the wedding. The chosen theme or color clearly depicts the concept of the wedding.  During such weddings the designed wedding cards invariably match and reflect the theme of the wedding.
In the case of couples who have studied are living and working in a foreign country, they regularly choose an invite that goes well with their friends living in that country.
Another concept of wedding invite that is fast catching up is 'E-invite'. Such invites can be designed cost effectively and quickly. Couples who are hard-pressed for time and have a number of relatives and friends living at far off locations prefer designed E-invites. While, the e-invites guarantees delivery with a correct mail address they also help to find out whether invited relative or friend will take part in the marriage.
It is also a practice among some of the newly engaged couples to create their own exclusive wedding website, They update the website with wedding information and photos right from the betrothal day to wedding. The regularly updated website with current information is also used to invite relatives and friends. The advance information sent about the setting up of a wedding website also enables the invited guests to take part in the proceedings virtually from far off locations.

Catering Arrangement for a Marriage

Most often, the food served to the guests during a marriage, determines the success of a marriage. It is essential to contract with a talented caterer, to serve the invited guests, with quality and delicious food. Parents are willing to spend more money, in hiring a well known reputed contractor, to serve quality and succulent food during the marriage. Most of the present-day parents, instead of engaging an exclusive caterer, prefer to sign up with a wedding planner, who provides complete arrangement for the marriage.
Before hiring a caterer or a wedding planner, have discussions to quantify the estimated number of guests to be invited and likely to attend the marriage. Prepare the approximate number of guests likely to attend during each occasion of the marriage. This will help you to decide on your budget for catering. Based on your budget, you can arrange to have a contract with the caterer or wedding planner.
It is always advisable to have a choice of preferences in fixing the catering contractor. If the date of a particular contractor is not available, it will become easy for you to try the others in the list. Make researches  on the services of a caterer or wedding planner and collect opinions about the quality of services before signing the contract. Most of the reputed wedding planners or caterers will not be opposed to share their clients list and suggest you to make enquiries if needed. They also will be even agreeable to share the photos taken during the marriage functions managed by them. Some of them may invite you to taste the food served at their catering services on other locations to have first-hand idea about their services..
It is essential to discuss your preferences about the type of serving style, i.e., buffet or sit-and-eat type of table meal for various occasions during the marriage. If you plan to have special food arrangement for kids and elders discuss it with the contractor for making the arrangement.
The menu and variety of food play an important role in the marriage. Check with them the type of food varieties and items they serve for various occasions of the marriage. Discuss with them the kind of food you wanted to serve and have their suggestions. If you have any special preferences do not hesitate to share it with them to get it improved and implemented. It is advisable not to be overzealous about your ideas because the experienced caterer may have better viable suggestions in place of yours. You may ask for their special food serving and order for it if it is convenient and suits your budget.
Ask the service provider about the number of servers and other helpers available during food serving. Most of the current-day caterers prefer to serve hygienically using gloves where required. Also, the people who serve the food wear uniform as a practice. You can get it confirmed with the caterer.
Never be ambiguous about the timing/dates during which the caterers presence is needed at the marriage hall. Be aware of their time requirement to set up and start their work and wind-up their work at the end of the function. Furthermore, consult your purohits about the timings of muhurtham and various wedding related functions well in advance, discuss the details with your caterer to utilise his services in a better way. This advance information also will help you to decide on the menu.
If you have plans to supply yourself the vegetables and other provisions required for the marriage, have it discussed with the caterer. Though most of the caterers will agree to your proposal and cut down their charges, but, it is not advisable to do so. While, you may be saving a few thousand rupees by taking such responsibility, it is not a prudent idea unless you have a group of relatives or friends to share the task.
Discuss and understand the items to be brought by them to provide the service and to be supplied by you to complete the services. Know the extra amount to be paid in-case extra number of guests turned up. Know the cancellation policies and refund procedures. Get everything written as a contract, pay the advance and have it signed. Always retain a copy of the contract for reference.

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