Saturday, 17 November 2012

The Changing Face of Wedding Invites

Wedding is one event that introduces a lasting relationship to two people and their two families. It is one among the most revered religious and cultural event in India that brings in large participation of relatives and friends.
Wedding invites announcing the wedding are used to invite the relatives and friends seeking their participation in the wedding. The invite cards were traditionally extended to the relatives and friends personally by the bride and groom’s parent. Such invitation cards merely gave information such as  on who marries whom and the name of the parents. Some of them even went to a step further and included the names of close relatives in the card. Such wedding cards did not offer much room for innovation and change.
Present day invitation cards have become trendier, informal, and lively and are designed to carry a surprise element. The younger generation is looking for something beyond the conventional invite. They are looking for small changes that can make a big impact. The families of the wedding couple are opting for card a design that gives the guests a glance into the grandeur of the planned wedding. The conventional invitations are continued to be printed for distribution among the close relatives.
The marriage arrangements are also undergoing changes. More number of wedding couples now opt for theme wedding by adding some imaginative element to the otherwise normal wedding. Such introduction of theme adds luster to the wedding. The chosen theme or color clearly depicts the concept of the wedding.  During such weddings the designed wedding cards invariably match and reflect the theme of the wedding.
In the case of couples who have studied are living and working in a foreign country, they regularly choose an invite that goes well with their friends living in that country.
Another concept of wedding invite that is fast catching up is 'E-invite'. Such invites can be designed cost effectively and quickly. Couples who are hard-pressed for time and have a number of relatives and friends living at far off locations prefer designed E-invites. While, the e-invites guarantees delivery with a correct mail address they also help to find out whether invited relative or friend will take part in the marriage.
It is also a practice among some of the newly engaged couples to create their own exclusive wedding website, They update the website with wedding information and photos right from the betrothal day to wedding. The regularly updated website with current information is also used to invite relatives and friends. The advance information sent about the setting up of a wedding website also enables the invited guests to take part in the proceedings virtually from far off locations.

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