Thursday, 13 December 2012

Travel Arrangements for the Destination Weddings & Honeymoon

A normal Indian wedding is always elaborate and continues for at least two days. Some of them even get extended to the third day. Current day weddings especially among the affluent class, while gives preference for the traditional rituals, also provides a sense of participation and relaxation to the participating guests, on all the days. During such weddings,  suitable standby travel arrangements are provided for the ready use of the guests, though, most of them may own a chauffeur driven car.

Destination Wedding
Another interesting aspect that is fast catching up is destination wedding. Such weddings have become more common among affluent business families and in cases where both the bride and groom are well employed. Exotic locations within the country or in an overseas destination have become a norm for such weddings. All the invited guests are extended with to-and- fro travel arrangement from their own places or from a common place.

For the chosen locations within India, inorder to offer travel comfort to the guests’, luxury busses or cars are arranged. Depending of the arranged destination air/train travel advance bookings are made. Some of the Indian locations that are well-known for destination wedding include Rajasthan, Goa and Kerala.
For the weddings that are planned in some of the most preferred overseas countries such as Thailand, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, Caribbean, Maldives, Seychelles and Fiji, air travel and local transportation arrangements are made. Invited guests are informed in advance about such wedding to know their availability to arrange visas and complete other travel formalities.

Honeymoon is the first real occasion for the couple to be all alone and on their own. A perfect honeymoon is possible only with a flawless planning. A clear understanding between the couple, about the choice of place, makes the honeymoon days happy and fruitful. Most of the time, it is the allocated budget that decides the national or international destination for a honeymoon. It is essential for the couples to refrain from allowing their individual tastes to dominate the honeymoon location choice. Intelligent couples try to have a few best locations as their choice to narrow down the choice and finally select a common place of interest.

Role of wedding planners
Making travel arrangements during the wedding, conducting destination weddings in India as well in a foreign country and providing tailor made honeymoon packages have become a part of the wedding planning services. In addition to making arrangements for wedding, most of the corporate wedding planning companies are equipped to make flawless travel arrangements. The adequate knowledge and experience in arranging such packages and the proximity to travel service providers allows the corporate wedding planning companies to make perfect arrangements.

The parents on their part find it convenient to deal with a single source ie. the wedding planner to make all the local and international travel, air/train ticket booking, completing visa formalities and boarding and lodging arrangements needed for all the occasions.

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